I’m the CEO and founder of BIGFILMS, the world’s most epic VFX platform built exclusively for filmmakers. I also run STOYFILMS, a production company producing films in Los Angeles and Paris.
STOYFILMS also develops proprietary technology for the film industry. I produced and directed ASTRONAUT, the first live-action short film ever shot in space.

Before starting my entrepreneurial journey, I worked as a filmmaker and VFX supervisor for over a decade.
This led me to join the Oscar-winning team at LOGORAMA and work on some amazing projects produced by world-renowned artists.
BIGFILMS was born right after that. The VFX tools we created are now used by hundreds of thousands of filmmakers and VFX studios for commercials, music videos and feature films.

Today, BIGFILMS is focused on developing AI-powered tools that are set to revolutionize the filmmaking industry.