Steven Liszka made his debut as a graphic designer working in Paris.
He eventually turned towards achieving commercials and short films, specializing in the development of complex and realistic visual effects.
His work and his artistic skills led him to work on prestigious projects like LOGORAMA (a film directed by the h5 collective that won the Academy Award -Oscar-
for best animated short film in 2010 and the prestigious French César for Best Short Film in 2011), and achieved the visual effects on major projects in development
supported by some worldwide renowned artists such as Madonna and Dr. Dre.

Steven Liszka is now producing and directing ASTRONAUT, an ambitious project that will begin to shooting in 2015. On april the 6th 2014, Steven and his crew sent
4 cameras into the stratosphere to shoot real images from space. These fantastic pictures were used to work on the first visual preview of this project.
More informations on soon.

Since 2015 Steven created big, a collection of packs featuring the most amazing blockbuster visual effects ready to be used. Visit the website: www.big-vfx.com